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Clean Soap is a unique soap for cleaning greenhouses, benches, glass, metal, plastic, feed tanks, drip lines, etc. Clean Soap is an organic soap made up of 100% plant extracts and plant oils. Clean Soap prevents the accumulation of organic deposits and has an inhibiting effect on the formation of yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

Clean Soap has a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Clean Soap can be used for many purposes including:

  • the cleaning of glass, screen fabrics and greenhouse structures;
  • the cleaning of benches, drip lines and feed tanks;
  • the cleaning of vehicles;
  • the cleaning of contaminated surfaces in general;
  • the cleaning of materials, floors and filters contaminated with grease and/or oils;
  • the removal of algae and organic deposits on walls and floor surfaces.

Clean Soap can be sprayed, brushed or washed onto any material using a cloth, brushing machine or high-pressure cleaner. Clean your greenhouse using Clean Soap when rotating crops for a fresh start to the new round.

Available in 0.5 litre bottles.


When inert substrates such as mapito, rock wool and clay pebbles are reused, they can become contaminated with slime formation, sedimentation and salt crystallisation.

Substra Cleaner is the solution. Use Substra Cleaner to rinse your substrates between crops. After cleaning a substrate using Substra Cleaner, allow it to rest for 24 hours. Then soak the substrate in a nutrient solution.

Substra Cleaner is made up of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and breaks down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2) within 24 hours. This is beneficial to young plants, encouraging them to shoot out roots. Substra Cleaner is the ideal solution when it comes to reusing substrates.

Available in 1 litre bottles.


Prevents blockages formed by inorganic salts in drip systems. When used in combination with Oxy Org, the two products work synergistically or, in other words, boost each other’s effect. Drip Pro also has a cleansing effect during cultivation and is biodegradable.

Drip Pro prevents and eliminates blockages caused by the crystallisation and sedimentation of inorganic salts in drip systems. The product is safe to use during cultivation.

Available in 1 litre bottles.


Prevents organic blockages and slime formation in drip systems. When used in combination with Drip Pro, the two products work synergistically, provided they are used together in the correct way. Oxy Org also has a cleansing effect during cultivation. Oxy Org prevents organic blockages and the formation of slime in drip systems.

The product is safe to use during cultivation.

Available in 1 litre bottles.


There are countless applications for demineralised water. The technique we use for demineralising water is reverse osmosis (RO). This method involves passing the water through several filters, where it is put under pressure and pressed through a membrane. This filters out all of the salts. Demineralised water has no EC value and contains no salts. Demi Water has not only been stripped of all of its nutrient salts but is also free of all bacteria, moulds and other pathogens, which are killed and then removed by passing the water through a UV-C filter.

Demi Water is often used for storing pH electrodes or for cleaning them. Other applications include the filling of steam irons, the topping up of batteries, or use as process water. These days it is commonly used by window cleaners for achieving streak-free windows.

Available in 1 litre bottles, 5 and 10 litre jerrycans and 1000 litre IBCs.

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