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Nothing could be easier. This unique single-component feed by Ferro produces the very best results. What makes this nutrient solution different is that there is no need to adjust nutrients using measuring instruments, such as pH or EC meters. All you need to do is to add the single-component feed to some water and stir well. The nutrient solution is then ready for use. This feed is suitable for all varieties of fruit and vegetables and for ornamental plants on any substrate, including soil, coco, open ground and hydro.

The feed is suitable for using with mains water, rainwater or spring water. You are sure to be astounded by the results to be achieved using this unique feed, which is composed of top-quality fertilisers. The single-component feed is supplied in a handy 1-litre dosing bottle and in 5-litre and 10-litre jerrycans.

Using plant enhancers or other Ferro products alongside this feed is no problem. All of our plant enhancers can be used in combination with Ferro’s single-component feeds. Please refer to the soil cultivation plan for general advice regarding the use of our single-component feed.