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Ferro was founded in the early 1990s as a manufacturer of concentrated fertiliser solutions for the horticulture sector. Over the years, Ferro has expanded its activities to include nutrient solutions for the private sector too. Local retailers stock smaller packs of these solutions for home growers. Over the last 20 years, Ferro has grown, both in terms of its field of activity and geographically, and now supplies its products beyond the borders of its home territory of the Netherlands to countries including Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia and various US states.

Over the coming years, we expect to increase our export share even further.


A few years ago, Ferro constructed a new factory in which the products are mixed and packaged by a new, fully automated system. This ensures that Ferro complies with the strict safety regulations governing the handling and storage of hazardous substances. Liquid fertilisers are delivered by a haulier using a compartmentalised tanker. They are then emptied into our bulk tanks while under pressure. The smaller tanks in the production area are then filled from the bulk tanks. The products are mixed in the production area, with precision methods resulting in an accuracy of 0.25% per substance. This level of accuracy for fertiliser solutions is unparalleled. All of these measures go to ensure that Ferro’s products are extremely reliable. Ferro uses only concentrated fertiliser solutions of the highest quality in the manufacture of its products.
We also make fertiliser solutions for other companies and, thanks to out fully automated system, your order will always be correctly mixed in record time. Why not ask us for a quotation?

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