The Osmosis NFT/Aero START nutrient solution is a proper starter feed for use during the first 10 days. The nutrient solution ensures that the initial basic needs of young plants are met. When cultivating on NFT/Aero systems, it is extremely important to keep the pH in the medium (water/air) at a stable level between the optimum values of 5.0 and 6.0. Ferro’s Osmosis NFT/Aero nutrient feed has been specifically developed to achieve this. A stable pH level and the best quality fertilisers are absolutely essential for giving plants on NFT/Aero systems a good start. Bubble generation (using air stones in a nutrient solution) and atomising nutrient solutions in tubes or in other ways are also considered NFT/Aero systems. The Osmosis NFT/Aero Start nutrient solution is a two-component feed comprising NFT/Aero Start A and NFT/Aero Start B.
Using Osmosis NFT/Aero Start feed A&B guarantees your plants a good start, whatever recirculating system you use!

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