Humine-ex is a very highly concentrated and environmentally friendly product based on natural humates. The humic extract is obtained through the micro-bacterial degradation of lignin. Lignin is primarily made up of plant materials, with a smaller part being of animal origin. Humine-ex ensures that essential nutrients are transported to the cells. It also ensures that nutrients are stockpiled so that they are available in times of deficiency.

One of the most important features of Humine-ex is that it bonds itself to toxic and radical elements that can threaten plant life. This protects your plants against pathogenic (harmful) bacteria, moulds and viruses. Ultimately, this results in better root system development and improved plant growth, and improved photosynthesis too. This product has long been known to be an organic soil improver that is beneficial in terms of plant growth.

Humine-ex can be used throughout the cultivation cycle and is extremely beneficial to soil life.

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